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for Private Equity Funds, Investors, Midcap Companies

Top Investment Performance by Top Management Talents

We develop custom-made leadership solutions with our clients for the entire scope of the transaction, from acquisition to exit, at an excellent level of service.

Following the requirements of our clients, we identify made-to-fit profiles for the core competencies of the future key individual.
As a result of many years of experience and industry insight, we are linked with a large number of senior executives and complete our search process with selective and exclusive research and an up-to-date database. We find your perfect talent and the perfect fit for your investment.

prime impact. means prime outcome by ownership consultancy over the entire search process!

prime impact. value

  • Pre-Deal Phase: Market Intelligence by Deal Advisors and Senior Industry Executives
  • (Non-)Executive Search: Senior Executives, Board Directors & Chairs, Operating Partners
  • Sector expertise: HealthCare, Consumer, Technology & Communications, Industrials, Business Services
  • Pro-active top candidate recommendations
  • Extensive network of high-caliber board talents
  • Sector talent pool mapping
  • Meaningful and discreet referencing
  • Team and organizational development
  • Commitment to diversity